A Collaborative Training Community

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Abby Rose

Mission: Open possibilities with the expression and gain of physical strength and power.



The Story Behind The Strength Group

Five years (at least). That’s how long Derek and Abby have discussed opening a facility of their own to train people. In early 2018 they finally took the leap and did it. Why? Well, 2018 was the first year they’d spent more than a year in a home before preparing to move. 2018 was when their youngest turned two and Abby really felt like a human after her second pregnancy and postpartum experience. 2018 was the first year they were financially stable enough (thanks in part to not moving again) to take that leap. In 2018 they realized how many people they had from all over the U.S. backing them and they opened Greater Things Fitness. 

The vision for their gym was a space where people could gather, get individualized training and build community. After 6 months of training clients, networking, advertising and growing, Abby and Derek felt like a redirect was in order. They wanted a space that wasn’t dependent on the hierarchy of the coach-client relationship.

They desired a space where people could come, learn about strength and movement, explore and discuss ideas and change their lives.

Thus, The Strength Group was born.

Through many conversations, challenging questions, articles on training and alternative communities, we rebuilt the model into something greater. We no longer call ourselves coaches, we are advisors. There is always an advisor present on-site during training hours, but their role is complex and not limited. At any given moment Abby and Derek may be found listening, asking questions, sharing articles, reading articles, giving advice on movement, guiding training sessions, even doing wall-balls next to members that are back squatting or resurrecting themself after a challenging workout.

This is not your standard gym. Abby and Derek strive to level the power field. They see clients as competent and capable adults and their role as one for walking beside not in front of. While we cannot know where The Strength Group will be in 10 years, Abby and Derek are confident that it will be doing something greater.

We’re not just a gym. We are a collaborative training community