Training + Programming

We come to the gym to train. At our gym the member gets voice in what that looks like under the advisement of a coach. Whether they’re here to be able to play with their grandkids, optimizing their function for work or life, or interested in competing, all of our members one-on-one with a coach to develop a program that fits their current level and needs.


Strength Training

Mixed Modal Fitness

Personal Training

Fitness for Life


Individualized Program

This is our most intensive program. Not because the training is harder but because the preparation is. Together with an advisor, you’ll build a training program from scratch which could include: prioritization, testing, training modalities and progressions. IP is a great way for you to take a deep dive into training and programming around your needs.

1-2 Hour Planning Consult

30-90 Minute Training Sessions

Up to 6 Training Days per Week


Individualized Template Program

ITP is a middle road for our clients who want more focus on their individual needs than modifications. Our coaches will help you choose a training template and go through the process of building in your needs from the start.

30-60 Minute Planning Sessions

30-90 Minute Training Sessions

Up to 6 Training Days per Week


Group Program Template

This is our least intensive program, up front. This program will get you training and coaches will teach you how to choose appropriate modifications for your needs and abilities so you feel confident in your knowledge in the gym and able to take any workout and appropriately adjust it to your needs while maintaining the integrity of the training session and program.

30-60 Minute Training Sessions

Up to 6 Training days per week

Interested in training with us?

Click the link below to be taken to our meet a member form. One of our community members will get in touch with you, help answer questions you have, learn about you and explore whether our community is a good fit for you.