We don’t do classes. We don’t have regular personal training (available upon request). So what do we do?

We strive to provide a community gathering space where people can gather in person and virtually to make meaning of their experiences in the gym and out. Below we have some of the resources we offer. However, this is an ever evolving list, so if there’s a need that our community members we will strive to make it happen.


Advising Sessions

*As Needed

Members who train on-site in Pensacola are able to pick the brains of our advisors daily. It’s a little more difficult for our virtual clients but we strive to communicate with them as they need through chats and video conferencing.

Lifestyle Coaching

Training isn’t just about what happens in the gym anymore. We help you align the hours outside of the gym with your values and goals to help reach for greater things in all aspects of life.


We value objective and subjective information. The assessment is an opportunity for members to establish a baseline for that can be retested and reassessed as we move forward.


*Available for Borrowing

Our goal is to help you make meaning of training and your life. We are in the process of building a technology library that you can use to do that. We hope this will include lean body mass scanners, fitness trackers and more.


Group Programming

*Member Chosen

This is our least intensive program, up front. This program will get you training and seeing progress for quite some time and our advisors will be present to help you learn how to adjust the daily programming to any restrictions or needs you have.

Individualized Templated Programming

*Member Chosen

ITP is a middle road for our clients who want more focus on their individual needs than group programming but are not ready for the rabbit hole of Individualized Programming. Our coaches will help you choose a training template and go through the process of aligning it with your needs.

Individualized Programming

*Member Chosen

This is our most intensive program. Not because the training is harder but because the preparation is. Together with an advisor, you’ll build a training program which could include: prioritization, testing, training and reflecting. IP is a great way for you to take a deep dive into training and focus it completely on your needs.


Online Community

*Dialogue - Book Clubs - Connections

Our Online Community is an opportunity for our members to connect no matter where they are. Through book clubs, articles, polls and dialogue, we strive to build relationships, support each other, and always have somewhere to go when you have questions, in or out of the gym.

Seminar Saturdays

*Last Saturday of the Month

Seminar Saturdays are our way of blending learning with community. We provide on-site experts from in-house and the community to share their knowledge about training, recovery, lifestyle and topics relevant to the needs and challenges of our community members.

Nemesis Challenge


Every three months we have a challenge that our clients can participate in, near or far. Sometimes it’s participating in the Open, an in-house weightlifting competition or gymnastics goals. We use this as a way for us to come together as a community to regularly celebrate our challenges and successes.

Jan-Mar: “The Open”



Oct-Dec: Gymnastics Goalzzz