Technology as Support

We are continually striving to provide new technologies for our clients while also educating them about technology use, physical, mental and emotional awareness and noticing things even without technology. We see technology as a support not a necessity and love that our clients have the opportunity to use them to make meaning of what they notice or come to a new awareness.


Start incorporating technology into your training.



TrueCoach allows our coaches to track assessments, provide programming, monitor progress and communicate with clients. As a new and evolving company they are growing alongside our community and continually improving their product. As a simple and effective way for our coaches to communicate with clients around training, TrueCoach is a pillar in the foundation of our members’ training experiences.

TrueCoach supports our individual training experiences.


Our partnership with DexaFit allows our clients the ability to continually measure the state of their physical being.

Whether it’s through a DexaScan, VO2 max or other evaluative tools, this partnership has proven to provide a lot of insight for clients on the impact of training and lifestyle choices. In partnership with the education from Dr. Rob and our coaches, bring our clients knowledge of training and their body to a new level.

DEXAFit Pensacola walks alongside us on our journey.

Mighty Networks

Our network is all over the United States, with a wide variety of talents and professional pursuits. Having an online community platform has allowed us to connect our members, facilitate dialogue, explore topics and create shared experiences that would otherwise not be possible.

Mighty Networks helps us connect.